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As recruiters, it is our job to keep you at the forefront of recruiting trends and everything recruitment based.  So below are some essential trends Accountancy Resourcing Group believes you need to know.

Social Media and Recruiting

Recently, LinkedIn revealed from a study that their social media platform was the top channel for quality scouting.  Keeping your social media feed varied should be a top priority.  The days of just constantly streaming job postings and thinking your audience will be engaged, are long gone.  Your social media platform should be a place where you can attract clients and build relationships with candidates.  Content is king, so invest in writing or sharing articles that are relevant to your target audience or field.

Mobile Recruiting

Searching for jobs on a mobile has never been more popular.  Modern smartphones have given us all access to the world from our fingertips, including access to a vast selection of job opportunities.  A lot of research has shown that a very high percentage of smartphone users have used them to search for a job at some point.  Therefore, it is highly recommended for any recruiter or organisation to make your mobile site look as attractive as possible.  Every person that visits your website or careers page, is a potential candidate, and they will have no hesitation leaving the site if the mobile page is not user-friendly.  Some candidates are hard enough to find as it is, so don’t have potential candidates leave your site due to a poor mobile experience.

Invest in new Recruitment Technology

According to a LinkedIn survey, 83% of recruiters who were asked for their average time to place a candidate responded with ‘less than two months’.  This is largely due to technological advancements and functionalities recruitment systems can offer today.  You may have been using the same system for a long time, or don't even have one, but ask yourself "what difference could a sharper, more efficient recruitment process make to your organisation"?

The Human Touch

Recruiters still play a very integral part in connecting, communicating and engaging with their candidates.  However, it is fair to say that this is not always the shared feeling from candidates and clients alike.  Although Technology has helped streamline the process for many recruiters and organisations, the trend is moving back to many companies attempting to humanise the recruitment process again.  Technology will always be used as a means of keeping the balance between the needs of the business and the efficiency to which it runs, but this balance also needs to factor the experience of the candidates, and keep them informed - This doesn't mean just sending out auto-generated emails!

Analytics is Key

Recruiter or organisations directing sourcing, spend a large amount on job advertisements and sourcing initiatives, which can equates to a very large amount of money being spent on potential candidate sourcing.  Good analytics provides you with the power to make more calculated decisions and focus on what is actually working and more importantly, what isn't!  Things constantly change with job board performance, candidate behaviour and sourcing trends.  You constantly need to review and analyse your own initiatives and focus your investment on what is currently working for you.

Recruitment Marketing

It seems relatively obvious that recruiting is like marketing in some aspects.  You have to build a brand presence and attract applicants through various forms of advertising.  However, you cannot just rely on candidates to make proactive applications for jobs, you need to keep up with the forever changing behaviours of how people approach new opportunities and ensure you have a varied approach to ‘marketing’ your roles.