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When you think recruiting and social media, most people think of LinkedIn. Many companies believe you have to do all of your recruiting on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn a very good tool, but it is used by a lot by people when they're out of work and searching for a new job. So your search for employees on LinkedIn can actually end up excluding people who aren't actively job-hunting.

Often the best employees already have jobs. Some of the greatest employees hired, weren’t even looking to change jobs!

Facebook is the platform where everyone spends the most time. More than a billion people log into Facebook every day.

You can encourage your employees to share job openings on their Facebook page. But this won't accomplish much. Your organic reach on Facebook is limited to friends of your employees.

You need people who live near your office. You need people with certain skills.

The number of people who are actually qualified for any open job is low. It's highly unlikely that your current employees will be connected with someone who is absolutely perfect for the job – and even if they are, that person could easily miss it in their news feed.

If you're serious about adding top talent to your team (fast), you need to reach a bigger audience on Facebook. You need to use Facebook Ads.

Any great Facebook Ad needs great visuals, so your biggest goal is to make your organisation look enticing to future employees.

* Create a post

* Add some great photos

* Put a description of what you are looking for

* Add a link to your site

* Post it to your wall

* Then boost it with Facebook Ads.

This is where the ad targeting comes in. People who have heard of you may not realise they're in your key demographic and that you're hiring.

Facebook's Targeted Advertising is mind-blowing. You just have to know exactly who you're looking for when you're recruiting for new team members.

For most companies, location is critical. So you can do geographic targeting within a few miles of your office.

Demographics are another critical element of Facebook ad targeting and you can target your ads so they show based on a Facebook user's employer, job title and industry.

Want someone with a certain educational background? You can add education-level targeting.

Interests are another important aspect of Facebook ad targeting. You can target your recruitment ad to people who have certain interests.

Targeting your audience based on the demographics, interests, and behaviours that fit your open position will result in more relevant ads and higher engagement.

Once all of your perimeters are set, you simply need to allocate a duration for the campaign and a daily budget allowance.  Facebook will then you show you the estimated people reached.  Basically, the higher your budget, the more people will get to see your ad.

Facebook Ads alone will not resolve all of your hiring needs, but we feel it should certainly be part of your candidate attraction and sourcing methods.

ARG makes full use of Facebook Ads when searching for suitable candidates on behalf of our clients.  If you have any accountancy or finance roles currently open and would like to know how ARG can assist you, please give us a call.